What should you do if motivation just isn’t there?

I heard a quote the other day from Dr. Layne Norton (Carbon App) and it has stuck with me.

“Motivation is like adding NOS to a car. But Discipline is the gas that fuels the car and keeps it moving.”

Just like NOS, motivation can provide short bursts of power. But it doesn’t provide long-term power or keep you going – gas does.

When it comes to our fitness and health goals, we can get a lot of motivation from things like events, times of the year, and trying to look good for a potential partner to name a few. But these events will come and go, the time of year always changes, and once you “get” that partner, you may revert to your hold habits.

So how do we become more disciplined? How do we keep that car fuelled and driving toward the person we want to be? It is a gradual process that involves developing certain habits and mindset shifts.

  • Start small
  • Set goals and note why they are important to you
  • Break those goals down into manageable pieces 
  • Stick to a routine
  • Stay accountable

For me, the “gas” is definitely what keeps me on track. It’s the weekly discipline that keeps me fit month after month, year after year.
How do I stay disciplined? 

Here are my simple but crucial weekly to-dos that keep me disciplined and on track:

  1. I plan my week and ORDER MY GROCERIES online so they are ready for pick up. I use the PC Express app so it is not only convenient but I can earn Optimum Points! Only once or twice a week will I grab some meat on the way home (thank you Victoria Street Market) to add to what I already have.
  2. I spend 2hrs on Sundays FOOD PREPPING. But I try to keep it simple. I prep our lunches for the week, make some power balls or muffins or a loaf, and cut up any of the veggies we are having for dinners that week. If I am not monitoring a toddler, I use this time to get in a little extra learning with a podcast or YouTube. 🙂
  3. I have a WORKOUT SCHEDULE and I stick to it. No ifs, ands, or buts. Unless I am up with my daughter in the night for a while or sick myself, I try to keep it the same week to week. But if the week looks different, I plan in advance so all schedules are coordinated.
  4. I TRACK MY PROGRESS maybe a bit too much… But it helps me! I track my meals, my workouts and I even use Whoop for sleep and to make sure I am not overtraining.
  5. I CHECK IN with my accountability partner/Coach. I am an introvert so I don’t like to share everything 😉 but when it comes to hitting my goals, I know I need someone to check in with to keep me on track.

Are you looking for an accountability coach? Someone to help you take your overall health journey to the next level? Maybe build out this discipline so that nutrition and fitness just become routine?

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